Waldon's 6000C

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The Waldon 6000C wheel loader has a compact, rugged structure which combined with superb power and maneuverability is what establishes it as a leader in its class.

With a standing height of only 7 ft. 6 1/2 in. tall the one yard capacity the Waldon 6000C is designed to produce a totally integrated tractor/attachment unit for a variety of specialized uses.

The 6000C has hydrostatic four-wheel drive and planetary outboard hubs that give it superior power and an outstanding capacity-to-size ratio.

It is typically found in environments dealing with

  • Recycling and Scrap Handling 
  • Landscape Supply, Agriculture and Fertilizer
  • Lumber and Paper Mills
  • Aluminum, Glass Plants and Metal Processing
  • Mining and Foundry
  • and dozens of additional types of work sites.  

If your project calls for moving large loads quickly, smoothly and efficiently, especially in restricted quarters,then  the Waldon 6000C is without a doubt an excellent choice for you. 

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6000c product brochure

6000C Product Brochure

6000c specs

6000C Specs Sheet

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